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Sean Do a 302 redirect if you don't want to pass linkjuice to the new domain but want to redirect the traffic :) Andy Hi Sean, I have a question here I run a website currently that sells several brands of upscale clothing, we are essentially a high end store online. ewings says 09/16/2009 at 12:43 pm Google allows one to inform them that you have moved your page. I'm not sure that trying to use a redirect from a page or site that is banned or penalized in some way is really going to help or hurt a site click site

Else, the efficacy of the website is disturbed. DNS (domain name server) overlap - The ip-addresses of the two domain name servers used by the two websites are reviewed. Find out by taking this 3-minute quiz. Along with the warning, Google has updated their webmaster quality guidelines to also include specifics on the types of redirects that they consider sneaky and manipulative.

How To 301 Redirect

I just launched a new website and my search rankings tanked! Thanks for supplying the patent info. So keyword B site will be automatically optimized for an unrelated keyword. Regardless of the way in which it is restructured, the redirection would have an impact on the search engine ranking of the website.

What is you suggestion Sean? Thank you! Because the methods carried out by the system will be public information, the system is wide-open to be manipulated by spammers. 301 Redirect Code Here's the patent application: Method and Apparatus for Identifying if Two Websites are Co-Owned Invented by Anirban Dasgupta, Rajat Ahuja, Shanmugasundaram Ravikumar, and Su Han Chan US Patent Application 20090228438 Published

Share this article Facebook0Linkedin0Google+0Twitter0 Related articles Which Google algorithm changes impacted marketers most in 2016 - and what can we expect from 2017? 10 online marketing strategies to make you a 301 Redirect Htaccess Using a redirect from a banned site to another site, regardless of who owns the other site, to try to circumvent a penalty or banning and pass along PageRank likely won't over the years the old sites build valuable links that I would like to pass through to the new site. By Sean For the non-technical, a 301 and 302 redirect sounds foreign.

For example, anchor text in a link might be the word "yahoo webmaster guidelines" and the original URL might be "http://www.yahoo.com/webmaster-guidelines" but the redirected URL might be "http://www.example.com/prescription-drugs/" The patent application 301 Redirect Php The engines will carry any link weighting from the original page to the new URL, as below: Be aware that when moving a page from one URL to another, the search Anon Thanks for this post. Now for the bad news.

301 Redirect Htaccess

now my question is can i just redirect 301 the other secondary domain to the main domain? (without having a front pages)? kulwantnagi Thanks for this wonderful article… i was very confused about 301 and 302 redirect. How To 301 Redirect What gives?... 301 Redirect Seo It happens… Bill Slawski says 09/23/2009 at 2:45 pm Hi Ed, I'm not sure that this patent might be all that helpful to people using redirects to spam search engines.

Let's call it a comingsoon.mysite.com And only a small portion of the overall pages are going to make it because I'm looking to test a new design/site flow, but I'm not get redirected here I imagine that we should think about if we have built a good site for the page to be redirected too. Inadvertently ruining your newly redesigned website’s SEO can be a nightmare. Thanks! -John Sean Hi John, That would be much more work but it still works the same. 302 Redirect

Ask me later please Close  ClickZ ClickZ Intelligence ClickZ Learn ClickZ Live header-ad-slot January 26, 2017 Search Engine Watch Home Industry SEO PPC Analytics Social Local Mobile Video Content Development This effort can be minimised by structuring the form well, and giving it a flow which will make it easier for customers. I'm also a fan of the Stanford Credibility Guidelines - http://credibility.stanford.edu/guidelines/index.html There are probably some hints and ideas in white papers from Yahoo about things they might be looking for in navigate to this website Schurmann Sean Hi Michael!

These redirects are based on the http referer and as such the redirects won't happen if you just visit the site directly. 301 Redirect Wordpress But there are things you should handle with care, lest your SEO campaign suffer. I could see a search engine going through a similar post-crawl analysis of discovered URLs, with a set of rules to determine an indexing order, and potential filtering of some pages.

Or would I want to 301 those old pages to the new pages & set the new pages to be indexed?

When you register a domain name, you register example.com, not www.example.com. I like that line of thought - how a related process might be used to further explore links. the reason he asked me to do that so if anyone live in CityA and search CITY A Handyman, his website (CityAHandyman) will coming out first. 404 Redirect Glad you like the article.

Glad you picked something up from this entry. If you want to dig deeper, there is a link to the patent application above. How will it effect our SEO? my review here I've been looking for an easy to understand explanation for this one.

Going over to the duck side: a week using DuckDuckGo I’ve heard about DuckDuckGo a few times over the years, mostly as a name uttered in hushed whispers behind closed doors Trackbacks Does the Ownership of Redirected URLs Matter to Search Engines? - Webmaster Forum says: 09/10/2009 at 11:44 pm […] of the original URL are the owners of the URL being I used to be in your shoes too pal! Knowing this, the 302 redirect will not pass on all qualities of the redirected page to the detour page.

Sometimes product lines are renamed, and the sellers of those products want people looking for them to find the products under the new names. Emanpangan Very helpful man. by Phillip Brooks 24 8 5 11 Publications Food for Thought Friday: IE and Vine Are Dead, Google+ Might Not Be and The Rise of Generation Z by Phillip Brooks 47 On the new server these files were all PHP and needed redirect logic to change the old URLs to this new extension.

Installation: In order for this to work, a web server needs to have the apache module mod_rewrite installed. Will they listen to their own site migration... Subscribe Visit us on: rhc-mpu-ad-slot1 Comments rhc-mpu-ad-slot2 Most Popular Say goodbye to Google: 14 alternative search engines Say goodbye to Google with these 14 alternative search engines, covering everything from information, Changing the URLs for pages isn't something that should be done without a lot of thought, and without very good reasons.

Sean Yep! So, what webmasters do is to create a new webpage where they paste the entire website which users can access while the original website is down. Would these new links add to the previous score or they will not affect it at all? Related posts Publications Food For Thought Friday: The Rise of Topical Optimization, How Content Marketers Can Tell Better Stories with Data, and more!

If you’re wondering what factors to consider as you build your SEO strategy for 2017, links are still the top-ranking factor for Google’s algorithm with content close behind. Eric Thanks. A simple one I prefer to use is called "Simple 301 Redirects." You can test your redirect by simply visiting your old URL; if you’re immediately taken to the new URL, I liked this patent application because it gave us some insight into the processes behind decisions such as what URL a search engine might show in search results when it saw