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If it were you would you go to sisyphean efforts to maintain the old urls or would you bite the bullet and 301 redirect every page? As you well say, Pagerank is not the only or Most Important ranking signal, but if it is a factor to consider, especially if you have several pages that do not Some web pages may be crawled while others may be left out. Related Tools MozBar The MozBar SEO toolbar lets you see relevant metrics in your browser as you surf the web. http://ircdhelp.org/301-redirect/redirects-on-search-engines.php

Reply Ricardo Figueiredo May 13th 2016, 5:51 pm Hi Jerico, Where the 301 redirects are placed depends on the server you're on. If you redirect to a non-relevant page, or buy a website in order to redirect 1,000 pages to your homepage, you likely won’t see much of a boost. Namely: We don’t know if 301s and 302s are equal in every way. If I 301 this site to my money site will this other site lose its ranking power for this KW it's currently doing well for?

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If you found backlinks & traffic in your redirection pages then go for 301 right away. Please help. Just so I don’t leave you completely in the dark regarding 302, 307 and meta refresh redirects, here’s a brief description on them before we jump into the world of the 301 I guess if there isn't a specific start date from where Google rolled this out, and it seems that it may have been running for a while, then it may be

Will these current changes help sites recover from redirects made that long ago?

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What about if you moved to https over a year ago? How about all the backlinks? Chris Liversidge | Jun 9, 2015 at 9:32 am ET Previous Articles » Attend Our Conferences March 21-23, 2017: SMX West June 2017: SMX Advanced October 24-26, 2017: SMX East × 302 Redirect Reply Brendon September 27th 2016, 3:26 pm Hi Ricardo, Thanks for the great article!

Umair 302 redirect should only be selected in very specific or rare cases and should be removed after a short time period as they can create problems of duplicate content Eric Google’s Gary Illyes told the SEO world that Google doesn’t care which redirection method you use, be it 301, 302, or 307. These represent big concerns for anyone who wants to change a URL, deal with an expired product page, or move an entire website. Reply Ricardo Figueiredo August 15th 2016, 4:06 pm It shouldn't hurt your rankings to go back to the original URL, but it may not help either.

It could be one of several options:

  1. Leave the page up with a note explaining the product is no longer available, and suggest other products
  2. Redirect to a category page
  3. Redirect to homepage, 301 Redirect Wordpress It's unlikely this change will help out retroactively in this case. Unfortunately in the case of Moz, we introduced some additional problem at the same time as the migration which tooks months to uncover (we inadvertently created a mess with our URLs, See how you score and share it with friends!

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    This article really helped me understand what 301 and 302 is for. He knew he could lose, but not so much

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    Hi Cyrus

    Great guide to learn how and when to use redirections 3XX. How To 301 Redirect Any help you can provide will be appreciated. 301 Redirect Seo It's unlikely this change will help out retroactively in this case.

    Saved the link juice, kept rankings pretty steady, all good, right? useful reference Link-Related Topics External Links Internal Links Anchor Text On-Site–Related Topics Title Tag Meta Description On-Page Factors Schema Structured Data Duplicate Content Robots.txt HTTP Status Codes Page Speed Mobile CRO URL-Related Topics There are three types of redirects: 301, or “moved permanently” 302, or “moved temporarily” 307, 302’s successor, also a “moved temporarily” redirect meta refresh Since this post is titled 301 redirect or is it impossible to redirect a Website to a landing page? 301 Redirect Code

    This includes cleaning up their listings on search engine sites, keywords, links, etc.. I've just re-added the .html and got rid of all the redirects. I suspect that I compounded the impact of the move by changing my WP theme around the same time.

    Submit Cancel Davey_G 2016-08-04T06:14:16-07:00 There's 2 issues which I come across regarding my review here It is risky & you never know how search engine treat them.

    Or will it maybe help? 301 Redirect Php Will it kill my Page rank? I would like to thank you for sharing your ideas and time into the stuff you post!!

    Or would I want to 301 those old pages to the new pages & set the new pages to be indexed?

    Thanks for Sharing…. I tried the meta-refresh method but in webmaster tools I see in "new links" that google still pass old links from old domain to my new domain. I would keep the old domain registered with the redirects in place for at least a year, longer if you can. 301 Redirect Checker So the best redirect is no redirect at all (if possible).

    I am wondering when this will be improved.

    Submit Cancel Cyrus Shepard 2016-08-02T11:35:41-07:00 Changes on my small site happened within a week. SEO Best Practice It is common practice to redirect one URL to another. Find out by taking this 3-minute quiz. get redirected here If the site owner doesn’t choose one, Google will decide which URL to index.

    Regards, Vijay

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    Hi Cyrus,

    Thanks for this article, it was really helpful.

    In our case, most of the time, our clients (when they approach us) have already While we don't know the precise number (and it may be based on crawl budget) it's not unlimited.