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malware affecting google

Multiple Trojan infections

Pop Ups and redirects in Google Chrome

Pop Ups everywhere

Popup when using Google

Popups And Weird Messages

Popups that say they are google adds. Can't download ANYTHING


Possible Google Analytics and other Malware infection

possible malware in google chrome

Possible multiple trojans/rootkits/malware/virus infection

Possible Poweliks Infection - Multiple Processes Running Assigned to Chrome

Possible rootkit infection. Malwarebytes and other programs(google chrome) closing after a few seconds.

Possible trojan and bogus Google links

possible virus with Google Chrome

Possible virus. Computer running very slow and opening 2 pages of Chrome

Possible Virus? Google Chrome downloads & uploads not working / laggy browsing

Problem with Google and Windows 7

Problem with Google Chrome

Problem with google searches re-directing

Problems with Google and McAfee

Problems With Google And Other Webpages

Problems with opening Google

problems: hijacked google searches

Random infected popups and.

Random ads and windows pop up when I click on Google links

Random Audio/ Chrome Crashing

Random Popups on Google Chrome and IE

Random popups with sound

Random Windows Opening (Google.ca etc.)

Recent infections: multiple Rogue infections

Re-directed to ads after Google search

Redirecting Google Searches + Momentary Freezing

Redirecting IE and making my computer crash

redirections in google chrome

Re-install Chrome - consequences?

Remove Chrome Install icon

Reoccuring Web Add-On Viruses

repeated threat detection at Chrome

Repeatedly getting 'chrome has stopped working message'

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