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Possible Remote Access invasion

Possible root kit infection.

Possible Root Kit Virus Infection Need Help Removing

Possible Root Level Infection or Memory Issue After Windows 7 Updated

Possible Root Kit Virus? No Internet Connection

Possible root problem started with trojan

Possible rootkit 404 error nginx

Possible Rootkit Activity - need assistance

Possible rootkit on my computer or virus.

Possible Rootkit or just a virus i cant delete

Possible Rootkit or Similar

Possible Rootkit worm? Please help remove it

Possible Rootkit virus infection - MalwareBytes won't clean

Possible Rootkit/Malware Help requested

Possible RootKit:32/TDDS.gen D

Possible rootkits

Possible search engine redirect along with IE hijack

Possible Sirefef resurgence locked many of my computer softwares

Possible Security Malware Infection?/Permissions Issue?

Possible Spam/Keylogger infection

Possible spyware infection--VERY slow machine

Possible Spyware on my computer?. Pls help

Possible spyware infection after Reg Tool download

Possible Spyware. Spybots And Ad-aware Didn't Remove It. Many Pop-ups And Sluggish Comp.

Possible Spyware or Keylogger

Possible spyware still infecting my computer Do not know how to remove it

Possible Spyware/virus

Possible Spyware Problem

Possible System 32 Issues and multiple Malware

Possible TDSS & random popups

Possible TDSS Bot

Possible To Remote Into Work But Print From Home Pc?

Possible Torpig infection on small LAN

Possible Trjoan/Malware infection on PC Not sure how to approach it

Possible trojan but microsoft cannot find it

Possible Trojan detected by AV but can?t remove

Possible Trojan Firewall

Possible trojan preventing log on?

Possible Trojan/Malware - Vista running slow

Possible trojans overtaking my computer

Possible unwanted remote access to my computer.

Possible Viris need help

Possible virus - programs disabled

Possible Virus (Im not Sure

Possible Virus ? Need Help

Possible Virus / Malware Needs to be removed

Possible Virus creating multiple software proble

Possible Virus Cannot Detect

Possible Virus Cleanup

Possible Virus in Windows Vista affecting all programs

Possible Virus infection of laptop

possible virus infection on my computer

Possible Virus on my computer.

Possible virus on my bosses computer? please Help

Possible virus my windows 7 functions do not work

Possible virus or keylogger infection

Possible virus or malware?

Possible Virus Or Spyware. Need Help

Possible virus or major maleware infection?

Possible virus or Malaware?

Possible Virus or Malware affecting my network access

Possible virus that deletes browser history

Possible Virus Problem

Possible virus/malware infection?

Possible virus/malware attack

Possible virus/malware issue

Possible Virus/Malware

Possible virus/malware help

Possible virus/malware infection - please help?

Possible Virus/Malware/Rootkit problem.Not sure how to fix it

Possible Virus/Malware slowing my computer.

Possible virus/malware problem

Possible virus? having commercial browser pop-ups

Possible Viruses

Possible virus? Maybe it's Windows? I don't know

possible viruses in my laptop

Possible Win XP infection (need help)

Possible win 7 infection need guidance

Possible WINRSCMDE malware problem

Possible/unknown malware and/or keylogger infection

possiblemalware infection

Possibly Dumb Norton Internet Security/Firewall question?

possibly had / have root kit virus or restore / recovery virus that hid EVERYTHING and would not allow me access to safe mode

Possibly got a virus? Computer unplayable

Possibly Infected - Slow Computer

Possibly infected by codec_update2.7.exe file

Possibly infected by Rootkits

Possibly infected by Pragma rootkit - Poping ads in browsers

Possibly infected by some adware

Possibly Infected Computer

Possibly infected even though AV said it blocked it.

Possibly infected with keylogger.

Possibly infected with rootkit

possibly infected with various adware & trojan virus

Possibly Infected With Something.locks Up With Jpg Files

Possibly Infected XP Pro machine after Windows Update?

Possibly infected/ Computer 1

Possibly infected. Strange events. Norton detects nothing.

Possibly people that are using my internet

Possibly multiple issues Slow internet bad streaming experience

Possibly inffected with Malware/Virus

Possibly Virus I just don't know.

Possivle virus - system going kaput.

Possibly virus or malware.

post deletion of multiple infection problem.

Post from infected PC--only can use this topic

Post malware problem

Post malware problems

Post Virus Computer Recovery - Help

Post Virus Removal Pop-Up

Postal Retrieval Virus - encryption of data

Post-Advanced Virus Remover Protection

Postgresql causing issues on Win8?

Post-infection computer repair help

Posting a FRST log -- Possible protected malware

Post-Malware removal symptoms

Potential heavy malware infection

Potential fake antivirus malware causing speed issues

potential data restore infection

Potential infection? CPU winds up for no reason.

Potential Keylogger

Potential keylogger infection from Steam

Potential Malware affecting video playback

Potential Malware As Far As I Know

Potential Malware - Please HELP

Potential Malware problem/pop-ups

Potential Malware Problem

Potential Malware causing system crashes when network cable is present

Potential malware infection

Potential Malware/Virus?

Potential Malware on computer (wincrypt?)

Potential Malware/ Computer 1

Potential Malware/viruses

Potential Malware; not able to login to Laptop

potential registry problems following removal of virus

Potential Re-occuring Spyware Issue. Will Not Leave The Computer.

Potential scare-ware infection

Potential Spyware problem

Potential serious malware?

Potential Keylogger Infection

Potential virus

Potential virus/malware

Potentially infected with Mal/FakeAvJ-A Virus

Poweliksgm blocked by Norton

ppvtds.com on chrome

Pre attack files inaccessable

Preparations For Help Eliminating Bho

Preparing computer for malware removal guide

Pretty bad malware

pretty badly infected computer

pretty bad virus but nothing can find it

pretty sure i got a in-depth keylogger

Pretty sure I have a virus just don't know what kind or how to get rid of it.

Pretty sure I got a rootkit on my pc

Pretty sure I'm infected with Trojan virus

Prevent Admin Accounts From Changing Other Admin Account Passwords In Xp

prevadserv.exe and mysearch

Pretty sure this pc is infected

Prevent program startups if running on battery?

Prevent Volume Auto-Adjusting On Live Messenger

Preventing malware installation

Preventing program from accessing internet?

Prevents P2p Sites

Prevents AntiVirus installs and gives weird responses on google searchs

Preview File contents of Win7 Backup without Restoring

Previously Badly Infected PCs

Previously infected by malware.now computer is super slow

Previously infected with TDSS and now still having issues

Previously Infected With Keylogger

Print Address Labels

Print a page from internet document7- Up comes the Print List

Print Screen For Bleeping Computer Help


print web pages

Printer Sharing

Printer Sharring

Printers are being added without anyone installing them

Printing a Message on an Envelope using Word

Printing from Win 7 laptop to Win XP desktop

printing off both firefox and chrome - emails only print left side

Printing Or Saving Favourites

Printing off chrome

Printing Selected Portions

Printing with Excel

Privacy Protection Infection Not Responding to Fix & Mbam disabled

Privacy scan popup disables everything

Private Folder Inaccessible After Reformat

Probable infection with keylogger/spyware

Probable malware infection

Probable Rootkit Infection

Probable Infection Preventing Virus/Malware Programs

Probable rootkit infection - dubious registry entries

Probable TDL rootkit

Probably a spyware stopping Windows service from connecting to Internet

Probably have malware

Probably infected with Malware (earlier Rootkits detected by MBAM)

Probably Infected with Keylogger

Problem after infection from topantispyware

Problem clearing virus

Problem Deleting non Existing Desktop Icon.

problem DLL

Problem during malware/virus removal

Problem Finding And Deleting Infected Files

Problem highlighting text for copy paste

Problem in installing XP on Preinstalled Win 7 64bit

Problem Installing XP onto my laptop

Problem Installing Win7 to New Harddrive

Problem Malware

Problem removing a file attached somehow to internet

Problem removing malware W7

Problem removing virus

Problem saving bat files after editing

Problem switching Intel HD grapphic to Nvidia

Problem w/Malware

Problem w/ Hide Folders 2012

Problem with a possible virus

Problem with administrator-Vista + shortcut

Problem with 'Ads by AntiAdBlocker' popups/ads in Chrome.

Problem with boot up and possibly infected.

Problem With Changing Passwords With Command Prompt?

Problem with cd writing

Problem With Desktop After Malware Removal

Problem with Google redirect & popups

Problem with Hibernation

Problem with HitmanPro / Scanning wrong HDD

Problem with installing a Japanese game?

Problem with internet connection with no one helping.

Problem with malware

Problem with Malware Removal Process

problem with malwares

Problem With Malware And Spyware

Problem with malware removal on my laptop [Moved]

Problem With My Icons

Problem With Pop-up Ad's

Problem With Popup Adverts When Browsing The Internet.


Problem with soulseek.

problem with spyare and virus need a patch or help

Problem with Spyware Tools installed from that computer

Problem With Trojan Horse Downloader

problem with trojans

Problem With Unwanted Popups

Problem With Viruses

Problem With Web Popups-please Help

Problem with wireless connection

problem with wireless internet connection

Problem with WinRar files

Problem: Computer Does Not Uninstall or Show Virus Protection Software Previously Installed or Connect to the Internet

Problematic And Slower Computer After Virus Removal.

Problems - Can't clean Malware/Virus on Desktop and Laptop

Problems After Removal Of Syware

Problems after removing Antivirus 2010 malware

Problems after Trojan Horse detection

Problems After removing Win7 Auto Virus 2012 malware

problems after removing Security 2012 virus

Problems after windows diagnostics virus/trojan

Problems after virus recovery - should I start over?

problems after Windows Recovery malware

problems attaching jpg files

Problems Burning Slideshow To Dvd

Problems Changing Administrator Account To Normal User Account?

Problems Coming Back From Hibernate

Problems Copying A Cd

Problems creating log

Problems getting rid of Virus Protector

Problems in IE and rest of PC After Removing AntiMalware GO

Problems in removing Anti Malware Virus

Problems In Xp Professional - With Admin Rights

Problems installing a graphic card

Problems indicate malware

Problems Installing From Cd

Problems removeing anitvirus dr.

problems restoring backup files after malware

Problems running ComboFix - Is my system infected?

Problems switching from on-board GPU to NVIDIA GPU on Win7

Problems with ads popping up in the browser

problems with adware

Problems With Cd/dvd Drive :(

Problems with computer after virus

Problems with computer after removing infections identified by Malwarebytes

Problems With Computer Possible Virus/malware Infection From picture045.com File

Problems with directdr after major virus removal

Problems With Dap Uninstall

Problems With Dvd Burner

Problems With Dvd Stuff

Problems With Malware

Problems with Malware Removal

Problems with partitions and 2 OS on one computer

Problems with pop-ups and ads slowing down my PC

Problems with reinstalling Vista after VIRUT infection

Problems With Some Malware

Problems With Spyware/adware

Problems with spyware

problems with System Fix malware

Problems with Trojans & Malware

Problems with uninstalling / installing anti-viruses

Problems with wifi

Problems with Yahoo Popup blocker

Problems; Pop-ups

Probs connecting to WiFi

Processes Dont Stop Running

Processes found by Rkill after many types of scans

Profile Won't Load Safemode - Malware Infected

Program Automatically Starts When I Turn On Computer

Program blocking my Internet


Program files names are missing after a virus fix

program for camera to retrieve deleted files

Program running warning at shutdown

Program Startup

programme to open Notepad\hosts

Programs Blocked From Net

Programs Installing on Their Own

programs left behind from ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS

programs removed from systray and can't be reinstalled & folders locked too

Programs removed after virus

Programs start automatically

Programs Starting When I Log In

Programs Stopping

Programs Unable to Open & Uninstall

Programs to help get rid of spyware .

Programs will not shut down - Continue to run in background

Programs/Apps blocked from the internet

Programs Won't Stop Opening Infinite Times

Project1 And Muon/zestyfind Pop-ups.

Properly uninstall programs in Vista


Protected license of music & videos

Protected ASF Audio Extracting?

protect an mp3 cd from being copied

Protecting against worms

Protecting My Computer

Protecting a new computer?

protecting new computer?

Protecting my new computer

Protecting PC from virus

Protection Bar Infection/malware/adware

Protection against malware on new USB & hard drives?

Protection Center Virus - Help needed

Protection for a new laptop?

Protection from a 'friendly hacking?

Protection Danger Virus

Protection System virus

Protection system virus Please Help

Protectiuon system virus

protectyourpc Virus

Proxy keeps coming back

Proxy problems continue

Proxy loopback virus ( on Google Chrome

Proxy server keeps changing back.

Proxy Settings Keep Changing - Infected?

Ps4/TV has access to my comp

PSsteal trojan can't remove

psu or motherboard fault?

pulled this off a client today

PUP.Framed Display removal assistance

PUP: Fake application download 4 opens popups in all browsers Windows 7

pupup malware

Pupups Apearing on My PC. If I Close it. It will Appear Again

Put A Program To Disc?

Putting A Asp.net Web Page Into Iis

Putting together a video

putting gif images in my weblog


qqp malware infected

Quarantined Windows 7 PC start up file by accident

Query redirection / Safe mode failure

Question | Where can I download Hebrew input language?

Question About Disc Wipe Out

Question About E-Mailing Pictures

Question about downloading and installing programs

Question About Multiple Anti-spys

Question about Outlook Personal Folders File Export

Question about outlook scheduling assistant

Question about setting up outlook to receive webmail

Question About Start Up Programs

Question about Trojan infection and shut down of various websites

Question about USB - Possible Virus

Question about Virus/Trojan removel

question about whether malware can hide itself from scans even in safe mode

question in twitter and followers

Question how to eliminate residual KM Player

Question on installing windows to new hard drive

Question on Restoring OS with clean Re-Install.

Question On Spyware And Ad Ware

Questions about my AdwCleaner log (e.g. registry entries)

Questions About Duel Monitor Setup

questions about removing malware doctor virus

Questions on HD partitons in windows 7

Quickbooks Company File


r3 google redirect/ pop ups

Raid With Two Operating Systems

Raid On Startup menu

Questions Regards How Malware Hides And Is Installed As A Service On Windows

RAM Upgrade

Ramdisk option

Ran a virus scan

Ran Autorun Now To Delete Files Permently

Ran Combofix and no software will start

Ran Malware Bytes found a PUP but now severe problems starting Win7

Ran out of programs allowed in infected forum. Need your help.

Ran Rogue Killer and was given a weird message about my partitions.

Ran scans with multiple software - viruses/malware galore

ran several scans and still have malware

Ran TDSS Killer and now can't get online. Please Help

Random .exe's in my C:\Windows

Random actions & infection AIO Pc.

Random Ad Virus

Random Ad Popups And Links Apiering On Desktop

Random ads and getting redirected

random adds popping up on computer and when browsing the internet i am being hijacked

Random Ads in Browsers

Random Anti-Spyware programs installed

Random Browser popup adware infection

Random Browser Popups. Have Used Everything

Random browser popups persist after much cleaning

Random browser redirects and popups in Firefox

random clicking adware/malware?

Random desktop pop-ups

random emails help

Random explicit sound playing without acknowledgement

Random IE window ads popping up and Google redirecting

Random IE popups while using Firefox

Random Intermittent Pop-Ups Past Week - Stumped on Removal

Random popup / fake virus software ads / Google search links lead to malicious websites

Random Pop-up And Cid Pop-ups . Help

Random Popups - utrack.pw - Virus/Malware.

Random Popups - Mozilla And Internet Explorer

Random popups

Random pop-ups and banner ads Windows 7 (log included)

Random pop-ups and page re-directs

Random pop-ups from Chrome

Random popups in Chrome

Random Pop-ups And No Startup Items

Random Pop-ups in new tab + search engines redirect

Random Popups on both my internet browsers

Random pop-ups redirecting to addresses such as directdr and sublimemedia.net. Suspected malware infection

Random popups when surfing

Random popups/ Linkswift ads/ Defaults changed

Random Popups.need Hijack This help

Random pop-ups while browsing the internet.

random popups.am i infected?

Random programs blocked from accessing net

Random programs no longer running

Random redirects and lots of ad's

Random redirects and unable to shut down

Random Redirects x_x

Random Spyware/Virus Protection Ad Popups

Random Trojans And Spyware

Random Website Redirections and Tabs Opening in Firefox

random website redirects

Randomly have pop.mp3 to download onto my computer

Randomly Redirected Google Search Results

Randon Pop-ups. Am I Infected? Hijackthis Attached

Randon ad spyware-need help

Ransom Virus ENCRYPTS data files

Ransom ware removed but can't open any security programs.

Ransomeware Encrypted my all important files

Ransomware has crypted my files

Ransomware fix using Android tablet

Ransomware encrypted my files last night

Ransomware image encrypted

Ransomware Infection - encrypted files?

Ransomware on Samsung Galaxy 10.1 note

ransomware virus has encrypted all JPG and media files with a .crypt extension

Rapid Antivirus Virus -- unable to fix on my own -- need help

rar file repair?

Rare adware attacking my computer

raw external hard disk

Re Booting Computer

Re Install Disc How to

Re directed web page

Re: Ie Crippled - Can You Help?

re: Infected nothing's working so far

Re: Reduxmedia popups in all browsers and some other issues.

Reading gibberish

Ready to Reformat my Computer

Really Annoying Adware Issue

Really Bad Infected Computer

Realllyyy slow and I've used defrag

Really bad malware causing multiple problems

Really bad Malware and possible virus - unable to uninstall Can't run ComboFix or any other program

Really frustrated and would love help

Really Debilitating Virus/Malware

Really need help with a trojan and three registry keys

really needs help virus problem?

Really Slow Am I Infected?

Really serious keylogger problem

Really stubborn Virus/Malware someone help?

Really Weird Virus/malware

Realplayer And 80gb Apple Ipod

rebooting my computer

Rebooting computer to factory settings question

Rebuilt Pc No Audio

Received work laptop infected w/ viruses. How do I clean deeper?

receiving STOP C0000135 - attempted virus removal

Recent Malware/Virus issues on my laptop were taken care

Recent script-inf infection cleaned but Frequent Freezes

recently found a keylogger. is it still here?

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