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Possible Rootkit - Hijack This wont Run

Possible Rootkit & Email is Sending out Thousands of Emails Hourly

Possible RootKit - Logs Inside

Possible rootkit

Possible rootkit - tcmsetupa.exe?

Possible rootkit & Lemir

Possible Rootkit Activity

Possible Rootkit - Please assist

Possible rootkit / malware infection - iun6002.exe

Possible rootkit / invalid certificate from mihey.svservers.com

Possible Rootkit (log included)

Possible Rootkit (TDL4?)

Possible Rootkit Affecting Norton Internet Security 2008

Possible Rootkit Activity Detected

possible rootkit and registry changes

Possible rootkit and website redirection.

Possible rootkit found

Possible Rootkit from Lan Party

Possible Rootkit Causing BSOD

Possible Rootkit infection - Redirect and unable to access windows update

Possible Rootkit infection Jesterss.dll

Possible Rootkit Hijacking search results

Possible Rootkit Infection

Possible rootkit in the atapi.sys file

Possible rootkit infection / maybe network stack / ZeroAccess ?

Possible rootkit infection and other issues

Possible Rootkit Infection C:\Windows\Syswow64\InfDefaultInstall.exe and C:\Windows\Syswow64|runonce.exe

Possible rootkit infection in iexplore.exe?

Possible Rootkit infection. No longer have Adminstrator user account.

Possible rootkit infection; atapi.sys?

Possible rootkit infection. Sent here from the Am I infected? forums.

Possible Rootkit Not Exactly Sure Atm.

Possible Rootkit issue after removing Security Shield 2011

Possible rootkit kbdclass.sys

possible rootkit issue

Possible rootkit issue (TDSS)+

Possible Rootkit on Win7x64

Possible rootkit NtMapViewOfSection hook 0x85123D18 scanned with GMER got blue screen IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

POSSIBLE ROOTKIT Or am I just paranoid?

possible rootkit trojan

Possible rootkit virus I have already run DDS

possible rootkit virus explorer.exe:userini.exe

Possible RootKit Virus? Random Computer BSOD reboots.

Possible ROOTKIT ZwEnumerateKey

Possible rootkit? Random computer freezes

Possible rootkit: ESET blocking clkh71yhks66.com and zl00zxcv1.com

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