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Redirect Malware Has Dug In; Can't Run GMER Without Blue Screen


The IT world often over estimates how many people understand computers, and we keep throwing more complicated systems at them, thats why many average users run 3 anti-virus programs on their Find out more. Spybot appends to the HOSTS file used by the system and will need to be reappended to any new HOSTS file. At least I'm not alone! 0 0 26 Aug 2008 Anonymous Coward Flawless English Page 6 you say, "Interestingly, while virtually everything else the malware has shown us so far has click site

I have a shirt that says exactly that and it is clean and ready to be worn to one of my clients next time he calls up. I found an Excellent guide to removing Malware over at Majorgeeks and followed that, and now both machines are running a lot sweeter. Useless windows services are more of a resource hog to the user than the little piece of botnet living in thier systems. But I do wonder if I might just be better off reformatting and re-installing, just to be sure.

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Users get ripped off by scamers for being clueless and uneducated, THEN they get ripped off by techies to fix the problem. The only answer is to help with the connection between the chair and the keyboard. It is always the year of VDI Facebook, Cumulus take on Cisco with 128 ports of open networking iron Dropbox: Oops, yeah, we didn't actually delete all your files – this This is to help the availability of headless servers where the problem could well just be a fatal application error and the restart clears the problem.

I am impressed with how slick the graphics are on the site. Better graphics, decent English, and now the malware doesn't break down the box signaling its very existence. It is not the hard to remove (Malware Bytes) seems to be designed to remove it which i find rather dubious. Browser Redirect Android That kind of system can lay idle for a LOOONG time before it needs to be used, and with a large enough botnet each system would only need to contribute very

My Dad PC got infected with Windows Antivirus 2006 and I managed to manually remove that ok. I only spotted it as a problem because the thing foolishly used Vista-themed fake windows on an XP box. Would this scam have worked on Mac for example? This page is required reading for everyone running Windows as admin: http://blogs.msdn.com/aaron_margosis/pages/TOC.aspx I've had two friends' machines grind to a halt with Norton AV.

Clothing Shoes & Bags Sports & Outdoors Beauty Electronics & Photo Grocery Imprint The Register uses cookies. Google Redirect Virus Removal Tool I couldn't install Spybot-S&D as it needed to connect to the internet for updated files, but their mirror was blocked. Trying to get to IT sites to search forum posts was also blocked. The clutch is fine until someone crawls under your car. 0 0 25 Aug 2008 marc Just Windows?

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This downloading of AV/Spyware product could have been ever so serious if it had included the Trojan.W32.BAGLE (wintems.exe). Or maybe Apple's iPhone strategy of reviewing and signing all software before it can run will end up dominating desktop operating systems. 0 0 25 Aug 2008 Bill Gould Very good Browser Redirect Virus So far other than education its tough but i do have one really good recommendation.. Redirect Virus Chrome OpenDNS does work for some of those domains mentioned above and while obviously the bad guys keep buying up new names and well if your a IT guy like myself when

Well, yeah - who would do such a dastardly thing, and is it the clutch manufcaturer's fault if someone did? get redirected here Did a delete file on reboot with HijackThis and it got rid of it. Not till i was getting clean scans did i deem it safe, BUT, perhaps he had a zero day?!?!? The only upshot to cleaning so many of these infestations is that it really allows me to rake in the cash... 0 0 25 Aug 2008 Doug Lynn AVG reseller finds Google Redirect Virus Removal

Worse still, IE would open about 30 times and connect to all manor of foul sites showing every illegal sexual activity known to man, and animal for that matter. wipe the HD then start again personally i think user education is a paramount thing teaching people what is legitimate is good, these sort of things make it hard but not It also blocked various directories, such as regedit, and removed various options from the start menu, such as the run, but we could still get to cmd from through the browser. navigate to this website Public hangings, that'll stop them. 0 0 26 Aug 2008 Geoff Thanks, "genius".

So the one thing i have heard a lot of people mention on here is what can we as Admins, IT guys, Consultants and First Responders who DO know better do Kaspersky Tdsskiller I followed a link from the BBC news website - as soon as the page loaded, i got the fake warning message. This simply leaves the poor user vulnerable till he pays the ransom money.

This time the software found 10 objects and removed them (after a reboot).

  1. For me, ESET NOD32 picked it up, but it sailed straight through Trend. 0 0 26 Aug 2008 Nathan Scott Rootkits Just spent the last week removing this from various pc's
  2. Then I saved them and attribed +r. *Well, PEOPLE will do as well as what I actually typed in.
  3. Sure it won't prevent everything but at this point its the closest i have found to having a way to protect them from themselves.
  4. Noticed that i didn't do an update on the software first, and luckily the update site wasn't blocked (lots of sites were still blocked after the first scan).

I use Firefox 3, and my OS is completely upto date with regards to patching. Help us out. Horrible piece of software. 0 0 26 Aug 2008 Deborah Another way to part with your money Excellent article! Google Redirect Virus Removal Tool Free Download And need I mention how much Windows has always loved doing things in the background as often as it can?

That other Paris guy has much better reasons and much better banter than me. 0 0 27 Aug 2008 Secretgeek 'All your credit card detail are belong to us.' Can't believe Cheers, Daniel 0 0 26 Aug 2008 Scott Millar I LOVE THESE BA$$ards Why? Specifically for him. my review here We did a test with another type of scam software, PC Doc Pro.

I'm not a Windows user myself, but these days I advise friends that if they see anything remotely suspicious the first thing they should do is unplug the modem/router to give And, make sure to set the file to Read Only after playing with it. 0 0 26 Aug 2008 Geoff HOSTS File Wikipedia link for the lazy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hosts_file (Correction: The HOSTS It had around 100 other nasty bits the first time around.