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Redirected to

Redirected to abnow.com

redirected to allsafelist?

redirected to blinkx and primrose search

Redirected to bogus site from Google: http://www.adcloudmedia.com/denyPage1.html

redirected to click.livesearchnow.com

Redirected to Dell search page in IE8

redirected to britannia

Redirected to Clickover.cn

Redirected to findaaz.com

Redirected to comannett.com/continuecpapage.php

Redirected to find-fast-answers.com

Redirected to ecata info/popups

Redirected to ecata.info

redirected to gomeo.fr

Redirected to fwdservice.com site when click mail folders

Redirected to google-analytics/gugle.com

Redirected To Microsoft.com/windows/downloads/ie/getitnow.mspx

Redirected to infomash.com

Redirected to Happili

Redirected to incorrext link

Redirected to landing.savetubevideo

redirected to mblpcblock.in/index and html extension added to files

redirected to http://ads.addynamix.com

Redirected to https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&rlz=1C1ASUM_e

Redirected to mevio.com

Redirected To Monstermarletplace

Redirected to Pingstat.net and Limonsearch.net

Redirected to partner18.mydomainadvisor.com

Redirected To Monstermaketplace On Google

redirected to pc-inspector.microsoft.com and getting fake spypware alerts

Redirected to MyWebFace

Redirected to new site on some mediafire links

Redirected To Porn And Home Page Changes

Redirected to pop ups it maybe related to the whitesmoke infection

Redirected to sites via google links; OTL & TDSS logs included

Redirected To Search-daily.com

Redirected to www.i-search.com

Redirected To Unwanted Business/sex Websites On Google: Please Read Hijackthis Log


Redirected To Webcry In Google Search Engine

Redirected to Windowsclick.com

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