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May have Keylogger and/or another Rootkit Installed

Need assistance cleaning TROJ_SIREFEF rootkit

Need help with potentially dangerous trojan/rootkit

Please help removing Rootkit Virus

Poosible max++ rootkit infection

Possible (VERY NASTY) Rootkit?

Possible 0Access rootkit infection

Possible Alureon Rootkit Virus Redirecting My Browser

Possible Boot/Rootkit Infection

Possible Fasec Rootkit Infection

Possible Firmware rootkit/bootkit.

Possible Hidden Rootkit

Possible hidden rootkit/spyware

Possible infection/rootkit?

Possible Malware and Rootkit infection?

Possible Malware/rootkit problem

Possible Multiple Rootkit/Malaware on my system

possible msa.exe infection and rootkit removal

Possible New Rootkit Variant

possible new rootkit?

Possible partial rootkit infection

Possible Rookits Malware and Trojans

Possible Root Kit

Possible Root Kit - IE Terminates

Possible root kit installing viruses

Possible rootkit / hack of my computer [Moved]

Possible rootkit / trojan overtaking computer

Possible Rootkit (part II)

possible RootKit and other Malware/ viruses

Possible rootkit in geyekrwsp.dll from Trojan.Riern infection

Possible Rootkit and Trojan

possible rootkit identified

Possible RootKit infection (prxts.sys) but not sure

Possible rootkit infection detected

Possible rootkit infection - search results hijacked

Possible Rootkit Infection (max++?)

Possible Rootkit infection. Please Help

Possible Rootkit infestation

Possible Rootkit Issue On XP Pro Dell

Possible rootkit on my PC

Possible rootkit on computer?

Possible rootkit on my system

Possible rootkit on friend's system?

Possible rootkit or virus?

Possible Rootkit or other type of Virus.

possible rootkit prob

Possible rootkit problem

possible rootkit tds3 infection

Possible Rootkit Virus Suspected

Possible Rootkit Virus?

Possible Rootkit(s)/Trojans etc

Possible Rootkit virus infection

Possible rootkit/adware

Possible Rootkit/bootkit infection reinstalled windows not helping

Possible rootkit. cannot run any anti spyware+rootrepel and dds do not work

Possible rootkit? Can't open programs

Possible rootkit? Don't know a name for it.

Possible Rootkits and at least 1 Trojan Virus

possible rootkit? duplicating startup processes

possible spyware or rootkit infection

Possible TDL Rootkit - Intrusion Attempts

Possible TDL3 rootkit infection + other concerns

possible TDL3 Rootkit detected - IE does not always launch

Possible TDL3 rootkit

Possible Trojan Rootkit Problem

Possible Trojan. . .unable to complete Anti-Rootkit scan

Possible Variant of rootkit

Possible Virus / Continuing Rootkit after detected

Possible Virus Or Rootkit

possible worm or rootkit help please

Possible x64 Rootkit infection

Possibly a rootkit?

Possibly a very well hidden RootKit Infection?

Possibly infected by rootkit

Possibly the new rootkit variant. Time to kill it dead.

Post rootkit problem

Potential rootkit infection

Potential rootkit on computer. TDL4?

Potential Rootkit or Polymorph virus (unsure)

Potential Rootkit

Potential Rootkit malware issue

Potential Rootkit/Trojan

Potential Rootkit Server 2003

Potential Virus/Malware/Rootkit Problem

Preliminary Question for Rootkit Removal Assistance

Pretty sure I am infected with some rootkit malware

Pretty sure PC infected with a rootkit.

Probability of rootkit or other malware on PC.

Probable Rootkit left over from other virus

Problem with rootkit

problems left behind after removing anti virus pro

Problems removing malware/rootkit (H8SRT* variant)

Protection System Rootkit needs to be removed

qooqlle as my default website + other rootkits

Question about trojans and rootkits and removal software

REALLY URGENT - Rootkit/malware infection on my (only) computer that I've doing my homework. PLEASE HELP

Recurring serious infection - poss rootkit-related

Refresh System Filez After Rootkit Attacks & Cleanup

removal of rootkit.w with .sys files in drivers

removed a Rootkit virus and now RCP server is unavilable

Removed Rootkit problem

Removing Rootkit Infection

Requesting anyone to identify any malicious programs/root kit activity

Require help removing possible rootkit/malware infection

Rid of Rootkit and traces?

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