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Logon screen/Password

Major Problems Several Programs Wont Work Anymore

Malware disables all security software

Malware/adware Infected Help Pop-ups Everywhere

Memory - what is using 5 GB?

Microsoft automatically rebooting my system

Microsoft Office Problem

Microsoft has no plans to support Media Center with Windows 10

Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 worst problem

Minimizing Games

Most of my programs are gone

Mouse Disappears and freezes

Multiple stability problems with laptop

My (my Documents) Folder Thinks It's A Music Folder

My Documents folder and contents has disappeared

my laptop randomly restarts approx 1 x week - Windows 10

Need help with BSOD Dumpfiles.

Network and Sharing Center keep loading and blank

New install problems.

New problem AVG

Nothing but a blue screen-I have destroyed my desktop

Now have Windows 10 on my desktop

Now can't turn on Windows Automatic Updates

Now I find out.Fujitsu not recommending Windows 10

nvstor.sys BSOD

One Care Firewall Will Not Stay Activated

PC Crashing

PC hasnt been the same since virus removal months ago (slow)

PC won't boot to re install Windows

Persistent Crazymaking Problem with Windows Explorer

Playback Devices Constantly Change

Please Help - Bad files/programs will not open when icons clicked

Please help memy laptop got messed up after using Adwcleaner inproperly.

Please Help None of my programs will start -- Thank you.

Please help nvstor.sys BSOD

Please help solve my browser problem. slow.

Please help to fix this strange issue

Please Help Windows Update will not run and A lot of Popups

Please help--terrible computer problem

PLS help computer very slow

Plug in nic then shutdown popup

Poor Performance - Firefox Won't Run; Dell Home PC Problem

Poor Performance And Bad Audio Playback

Pop up windows & malware & addware

pop ups windows update out and attaching any log to this doesn't work

Popup Issue Even after scan from ESET Smart Security

Pop-up No firewall is turned on.

Popup sounds no window

Pop-ups & high virtual memory warnings

Popups And Loosing Taskbar

Popups And Tasbar Disapearing. Windows Vista

Possible Botnet on Win 7 sp1 computer

possible conflicts between programs? or possible trojan

Possible Problems With Zonealarm And/or Avs

Possible registry issue

Possible virus on windows 10

Possible Virus/Can't run software

Possible Virus? Computer constantly asks for Administrator Permissions

Possibly upgrading to Windows 10

Possibly Upgrading to Windows 7

Post SmartHDD check and Laptop won't wake up properly

Post Smitfraud problems: windows update

Potential Problem with Windows 10 Upgrade

Power button sleep mode question

Power Down Problem

Power Options Re Monitor Shut-Down Won't Work

Preparing To Shut Down Locks Computer


Prevent Loss of Window Focus?

Preventing Windows 10 download.

Previous Windows product key and license - post W10 upgrade?

Print File from Desktop (without opening the file to view)

Printer Driver Problems

Printer duplicates

Printer installation issues

Printer issues with Windows 10

printfilterpiplelinesvc.exe high cpu/memory usage and I can't print.

printfilterpipelinesvc.exe high memory usage

Prior ci.dll issues

Privacy Protector And Assorted Spyware.

Privacy Scanner Disables All

Prob almost fixed (win sys defender

Probably Virus-Cant open any programme or shut down/restart laptop-Windows 10

problem about installation

Problem began with boot loop

Problem during/after printer installation

problem finding system restore and running it.?

Problem in opening context menu

Problem In Update

Problem Installing

Problem installing japanese software

Problem Installing Windows

Problem I've Never Seen Before - X:\windows\system32> - Boot Loop

Problem Loading Windows

Problem logging in Windows

Problem opening folders

Problem Opening Videos & Windows Explorer Crash

Problem Opening Programs

Problem running a couple freeware programs

Problem upgrading system to Windows 7

problem viewing bar across btm of windows

Problem w/MS Flight Sim.

Problem Switching Users

Problem When Trying To Defrag

Problem When I Wake Back After Sleeping Mode .

Problem Windows Update 0x80070008 No Install 10 On 24

Problem with administrator

Problem with audio

Problem with audio cds and dvds

Problem with Avast Antivirus 2015

Problem With Computer Crashing

Problem With Cursor

Problem With Desktop Pop-up And Coolwwwsearchwcadw

Problem with Homegroup computer popping up in Explorer

Problem with installing.

problem with latest update

Problem with loading windows

Problem with Microsoft?

Problem With Media Center After Removal Of Virusburst

Problem With My Audio Multimedia Driver

Problem with my registry

Problem With Norton And Programs In Startup?

Problem with NTOSKRNL.EXE.continuos crash of pc

Problem With Shortcut - Files Won't Open

Problem With Spybot - Baciami

Problem With Starup Program

Problem with Update

Problem with uninstalling Windows upgrades

problem with user accounts. (login)

Problem with Volume speakers

Problem with Vista keeping correct time

Problem with waking up pc from sleep mode - Load operating system error

problem with windows 10

Problem with windows 10 technical preview

Problem with windows 10 log in

problem: no audio

Problem: Primary Profile's Desktop will not load.

Problem: programs keep freezing

Problems - Nothing In Taskbar / Freezing / Can't Copy or Paste

Problems After A Defrag

Problems after computer sleeps

Problems After Install

Problems After Reinstalling

Problems after removing the Windows Recovery Virus

Problems after updating drivers

Problems After Updating

Problems after windows 10 update

Problems Getting Into Operating System

Problems homegroup

Problems opening internet explorer from start menu.

Problems Post AVG Install

Problems re-booting after system restore

Problems Resuming from Hibernation mode

Problems running programs :/ [Gaming]

Problems updating programs

Problems w/ Elan Smart Pad software

Problems when installing Win 10


Problems with Eset Scanner

Problems with dwm.exe and combofix

Problems With Guest Profile

Problems with installing an update and SFC errors

Problems with Microsoft Update

Problems with my desktop icons and some programs

problems with my windows

Problems with Nero Smart Start Software and Windows 7

Problems with Norton 360 running on XP

problems with pc has me bugged

problems with re-registering webstore apps on windows 8

problems with registry keys

Problems with registry changes popping up

Problems With Sound ?

Problems with speakers and videos.

Problems With Synaptics Device

Problems with usb devices. ive tried everything

Problems With Windows Security

Problems with Windows.

Problems with WMP and Mouse

Problems: Installing

Probs With Sys

Process windows Using Over 1gig Of Memory In Task Manager

process named System taking up a lot of memory

Processes Won't End & Computer Not Shutting Down

Profile Issues

Program Boot Order

Program Files in all programs empty

program keep need to reinstall after a few hour

Program installers which will not run

Program Load Order @ Start Up

Program Refuses To Start At Boot Up

program startup issue

Program Startup Order

Program Totally Disappeared From Program Files??

program windows don't open after a few minutes

Program won't run in normal window

programmes won't start/regedit won't load

Programs and cursor freeze after a few minutes

Programs are being deleted on my Computer

Programs are closing on their own

Programs automatically minimizing/tabbing out

Programs Close And Display On Taskbar

programs closing

Programs crashing or not opening

Programs crashing (RootRepeal too).logs posted.please help

Programs disappear

Programs dont load after login

Programs don't open

Programs dont open first click

Programs eventually start using high amount of memory

Programs freezing in Win7 - Security Settings maybe?

Programs hang on opening

Programs keep crashing

programs gone

Programs in User folder loading on startup

Programs keep closing automatically no errors come up

Programs losing curent focus. Vista 32bit

Programs losing focus/alt tabbing automatically

Programs Locking up

Programs not opening when clicked

Programs no longer open or responding.

Programs not updating

programs not launching

Programs randomly use 50% cpu and freeze

Programs still Missing from Start Menu after Remove Windows Restore Uninstall

Programs won't load/run

Programs Will not open [Computer 2]

Programs Wont Open -virus?

progs not working or stalling windows reboots automatically

Programs/Files Missing?

Prolonged HD activity on start up?

proof positive that Windows 10 sucks

Protection Security pop-ups

Purchasing legitimate licenses from a third party for use in upgrading

Question About Necessity And Frequency Of Defragging Hard Drive

Question about windows hibernation

Question On How Many Anti-virus Programs You Can Run?

Question On More Than One User Using Vista

Question Regarding Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10 Technical Preview

Questions about backing up a Windows 8.1 computer

Quickstart icons

RADAR found in Registry Editor

Ram GB is dropping since I bought this pc. Is this normal?

RAM Issue - High Usage

ram memory usage5 is critically high. ram memory failure

Ram/CPU Maxes out and computer slow (Windows 7 64-bit)

Ran all usual checks - PC still seems to be slow

Ran hitmanpro to get rid of a hijacker. Now pc won't boot.

ran spywarebytes Now what ?

Random BSOD - Programs Randomly Crashing

RAndom BSOD crashes

Random BSOD from nowhere

Random BSOD reboots - linked to ntoskrnl.exe maybe?

Random BSOD Windows 10 on Boot.

Random BSOD Screens - Logs Provided

Random BSoD's all around

Random BSOD's and Freeze or Crash.

Random BSODs and BSOD when I plugged in USB

Random BSOD's at random times

Random BSOD's Windows 7 and Windows 10

Random Crash into PC death

Random files keep reloading

Random Error Messages and Windows Processes that crash

Random Freeze and got my first blue screen 5 mins ago

Random Freezes

Random freezes after clean installs

Random freezes and crash

Random Freezing / Blue screening

Random Freezing Issue

Random Freezing Windows 10 (No BSOD) (No dump files)

Random freezing/crashing Win10

Random game minimizing?

Random high memory usage and slow internet

Random Lockups - Hardware or Software?

Random Lockups. Very Frustrating :(

Random PC Restarts - Fresh Windows10 Install

Random programs ending & mouse going weird

Random programs keeping closing automatically

Random programs locking up among other things

Random Programs Not Working Anymore

Random reboots on my wife's laptop

Random restart of System - kernel 41

Random Restart/painfully Slow

Random restart soon after GWX icon appeared in taskbar

Random Restarts/BSOD after FRESH install?

Random Script Errors Pop-Up/ Audio advertising

Random shutdown and BSOD when restarting pc win10


Random system crashes

Random system lockups

Random Win 8 freeze or BSOD

randoms system information not sure what I am looking for

Re: Menus in Windows(disgruntled)

Re Slow Boot?

reader_s.exe File

Reader_S Virus. possibly more?

reader_sl.exe-bad image issues

Ready Boost for Win 7 - What size for 1.5 gig of ram?

Really slow boot and shutdown

Really slow boot-up and slowing computer

Realtek Soundcare Constant Buzz

reboot start up very slow to windows screen

reboot virus

Rebooting Virus


Recent crash (monitor would not display)

Recent computer crashes

Recent Long Boot Times

Recent System Freezes

recent Windows update and startup issues

Recent Windows Update: New Minimized Windows?

Recently bought a new Desktop windows 10 and want preventative antivirus plan

Recent virus/malware - almost in the clear but stuck

Recently Downloaded An App. Computer Is Crawling.

Recently I upgraded to Windows 10 and then decided to go back to Windows 7.

Recently installed Windows 10 crashed

Recently slowing PC now won't start properly

Recovered Win XP-Now want Mfg Crapware Off

Recovering from Windows Recovery

Recovery Drive Problems

Recreating a system after HD failure

Recurring bluescreen help

Recurring Request for Skypehost.exe on startup

Recurring BSOD (Event ID: 41

Red circle with white X in center in Taskbar

Red Client App Jim is Dead and Browser(s) not working

Redirect HELL ending with BSOD

Redirecting and Windows 7 recovery

Reducing Microsoft's spy capabilities in Windows 10

re-freakin-diculously slow computer

Reg Damaged Pokki cannot be found

Regedit clears desktop and won't open

regedit doesn't run

regedit error

Registery Issue

Registery Issue (i Think)

Registry Editor Problem

Registry Editor has stopped working

Registry fix messages

Registry Issue

registry issue: HJPOL and malware/virus possibility?

Registry Issues after removal of the Windows Recovery Virus

Registry Keys Missing After I Removed Malware

Registry Problem (I think)

Registry Problems. I Think

Registry values missing causing scan failures

Reinfecting Adware and Possbly Packed & Autorun Malware

Re-install 3rd License?

reinstall problems

Reinstallation problems

Reinstalled Windows 8 Clean re-install and now Sound Issues

Reinstalled Windows; No Sound

Relatively New Laptop Slows to a Crawl

Remembering Window Size/Position

Remnants of WindowsRepair Still Causing Problems

Removal of empty program from All Programs pop up listing

Remove Start Installing The Latest Version Of Windows Now

Remove the Get Windows 10 icon from the icon tray

Remove Windows 10 install icon

Removed CmdService found by Spybot

Removed fake MS Recovery and now have random ads in background and script errors

Removed Malware - now can't install printer

removed multiple malware - now PC is locking up

removed updates

removed virus now can't connect to internet

Removed Windows 7 Recovery but still need help

Removed XP Antivirus 2010 has left programs not working

Removing an Input language

Removing the 10 icon?

removing windows 10 watermark

Repair Windows 10

Repairing System Files

repeated bsod crashes

Repeated BSOD crashes; having to restore BIOS after each crash

Repeated BSODs and Crashes

Repeated Freeze after 10 min of computer use followed by Blue Screen and Restart

Replace CTRl+Alt+Delete baground in win2k

Repetitive reboot after 8.1 to 10 update on Dell Inspiron laptop

Replacing Factory Restore Image With Custom Image .

Replacing the windows 7 bright and ugly startup screen with something else

request clipbrd.exe file

requires a missing windows codec

reserved win 10 preempts any other update for Win 7

Reset Statistics in freecell. Windows 8

Resetting Back to Factory Settings - Stuck Help please

Resolution Problems

Resolution Issues

Resolution Problems and Display Problems

Restart after Restart after Restart

Restart loop. blue screen error.

restart function does not work well

Restarted Computer

restarting slow

Restarting when idle

Restarts everyday with out warning

Restore Disc

Restore Win 7 failed after Win 10 upgrade failure

Restoring a PC but keeping the softwares

Restoring Default MS HD Audio Driver

Revert Back To Xp?

Revert from Windows 10 back to 7 doesn't work

Right- Click menu disappears

Right click menu closes immediately

right click windows 10 icon not working.

right click 'send to' not working and freezes computer

RK Zero.Access Sirefef.B BSOD's

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